Francesco Maria De Deo

Francesco Maria De Deo


Name:Francesco Maria De Deo
Date of birth:
Address:Piazza dei Templi Romani 3, Chieti
Civil Engineer; Real Estate Asset Manager; Facility and Property manager; Project and Construction Manager; Registered Expert at the Courts of Chieti; Specialized in seismic and structural engineering.

Work Experience

1996 - present

1. Studio De Deo Progetti

Company Owner

Company owner and Managing Director of the Engineering Studio De Deo Progetti in Chieti and Rome.

2013 - present

2. Prof. Giuseppe Faella
Department of...

Partner and Consultant


Partner of the Prof. Giuseppe Faella, Full Professor of Structural and Seismic Engineering at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design of the Second University of Naples.

Ongoing partnership and consultancy on several projects.

2012 - present

3. Prof. Quintilio Napoleoni
Department of...

Partner & Consultant


Partner of the Prof. Quintilio Napoleoni, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at the Department of Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering of the La Spaienza University in Rome.

Ongoing partnership and consultancy on several projects.

Feb 2012 - May 2014

4. A.T.P. S.p.A.

Head of the Structural Engineering


Head of the Structural Engineering division.

Feb 2012 - May 2014

5. A.T.P. East Europe S.r.l.


Cluj Napoca.

Administrator of the East European branch of A.T.P., based in Romania.

Mar 2007 - Jan 2012

6. Multi-C Development Italy S.r.l.

Assets and Real Estate Development Manager


Part of the Development and Management staff for Multi-C Development Italy S.r.l., a subsidiary of Multi Development B.V. / Morgan-Stanley group.

Responsible for the technical and administrative management of new investment projects, both commercial and not-commercial, on the Italian territory.

Management of their Property Real Estate funds.

2006 - 2011

7. Multi Development B.V.

Engineering Consultant, Project Manager


Consultant for the Dutch Society MULTI DEVELOPMENT BV (formerly AM DEVELOPMENT), owned by Morgan Stanley.

Project Manager for the most prestigious Italian project of the company: the Valle Aurelia Forum mall in Rome.

Tasks and Projects

2013 - 2014

1. Court House of Chieti

Structural Engineering

Chieti, Genova,

Executive structural engineering project with Arch. Angela Zattera for the seismic improvement and adjustment of the Court House of Chieti.

The project was executed by Spinosa Costruzioni Generali S.p.A..


The Court House of Chieti is one of the firsts non-modern seimical suitable court in Italy.

2012 - 2012

2. Court House of Chieti

Preliminary project


Preliminary project for seismic improvement and adjustment of the Court House of Chieti.

May 2010 - May 2011

3. Court House of Chieti

Seismic Evaluation


Seismic analysis and evaluation of the Court House building of Chieti, after the 2009 earthquake.

2009 - 2010

4. CDS Holding S.p.A.

Design and Construction Management

Nettuno (Rome).

Project Management and Construction Management for the realization of a shopping center in Nettuno (Rome), for the PAM PANORAMA Group.

Training and Certifications

Apr 1998 - present

1. Courts’ and Prosecutors’ Consultant

Registered Expert

Registered Expert at the Courts of Chieti since April 1998.

Technical consultant of Courts and Judges on the whole Italian territory.

1996 - 1996

2. Faculty of Engineering
University of...

Civil Engineer


Graduated in Civil Engineering, with a score of 110/110.

Thesis with Prof. Fioravanti, title: “Recupero e riconfigurazione dell’area centrale della città bassa di Chieti”.

3. Diploma in European Structural Designer


Diploma in European Structural Designer

The European Structural Designer, the Eurocodes Rules and Structural Design“. Training of excellence at the Regione Abruzzo, 635 hours.